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Business Essentials
Finding deals and getting clients is not just about putting yourself out there and speak about your services. Most of the time, there are tools that you need to use to present your brand. Here are some tools that I personally created to give value to you and your Real Estate business.




Get noticed on webinars by having a Zoom background that display your branding and contact details.

Educational Videos

From California to Austin | California Investors Checking Out Austin Real Estate Neighborhoods

Featuring Californian Investors

Learn from the Expert that Achieved $8M to $10M in transactions in 2020

Featuring David Chen

Texas Real Estate Market is Getting The Spotlight Because of TESLA Gigafactory!

Featuring Elon Musk's TESLA Austin

Learn How To Invest In Austin From 2 Expert Realtors Webinar

Featuring Tim Dowling, 16-year Veteran Realtor in Austin Real Estate Market

Learn from the Veteran and Expert on San Antonio Market - Realtor since 2014!

Featuring Tim Allums

The Secret To Minimizing Your Real Estate Taxes | Tax Strategies for Starters

Featuring Larry Pendleton

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